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“I had a dental implant placed at Dr. Horton’s office. I was missing a back tooth and did not want to have a removable partial. Although I was nervous about the procedure, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. I love having a tooth where I used to have a space. It was nice to have the complete procedure done by my regular dentist, without having to go to several different places.”


Patty, Shepherdstown WV

"I lost my left front tooth. I couldn't smile and my remaining front teeth were shifting, causing spaces to appear between my teeth. Dr. Horton replaced my missing tooth with a dental implant and crown. He also closed the gaps between my front teeth. I am very pleased with the results and proud of my new smile."

Wesley, Martinsburg WV

My teeth are very important to me, and I really want to keep them healthy. When I moved to the Martinsburg area a few years ago, I was told about Dr. Horton and went to his office for an examination and cleaning. Because I frequently do public speaking, I was concerned that one of my front teeth was turning dark. It showed when I smiled or spoke. Dr. Horton found that the tooth was dead inside and had a "silent abscess" on its root. It had been injured in the past, probably an elbow to the mouth when I was playing basketball. He gently treated the abscess, so that I would not lose the tooth. Then he whitened the tooth, and now it matches my other teeth when I speak or smile. I am well satisfied with the way I was treated by Dr. Horton and his staff.

Brad, Martinsburg WV

"I am a senior citizen who had to lose my six front teeth because of chemotherapy. I had pain and difficulty chewing because I had only four teeth left. Dr. Horton replaced my front teeth using dental implants. Now I can smile and eat the things I want to. Dr. Horton and his staff are skilled and very caring. I highly recommend them."

Dorothy, Shepherdstown WV

"I suffered from TMJ problems for years. Dr. Horton adjusted my bite, which relieved the pressure. He also replaced my silver fillings and whitened my teeth. Now I have a beautiful smile and no more pain!"

Mary, Martinsburg WV

"Very good, patient, and kind service from every member of the team. I actually enjoy going to the dentist! It's nice to have a dentist you can trust."


Leona, Hedgesville WV

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